EDUKASI “MAS SAM” (Masyarakat Sadar Sampah) di RT 22 dan RT 27 Kelurahan 13 Ulu Palembang

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Novianty IMron


Subdistrict 13 Ulu Palembang is one of the densely populated subdistricts. Subdistrict 13 Ulu consists of 34 RT and 6 RW with a total population of 10,146 people. RT 22 and RT 27 are RTs in Kelurahan 13 Ulu consisting of a high population. The problem of the people in this area is environmental cleanliness. Most people still have low awareness of waste. Observation results showed that organic and inorganic waste is disposed of carelessly in the environments of the two area (RT 22 and RT 27). If this situation is not addressed, it can become a medium for the development of environmentally based diseases. This community service aims to provide knowledge and information and educate people about waste awareness. Community service is carried out in RT 22 and RT 27, Kelurahan 13 Ulu Palembang. The methods used are lectures, discussions and demonstrations regarding waste management. The results of public outreach and education regarding waste awareness show that there are differences in public knowledge before and after the test. The community was very enthusiastic about participating in waste management education and demonstrations.

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